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Coronavirus: Latest from NSW Health

As of 11am, Sunday 9 February, there have been four cases of coronavirus confirmed in NSW.

The latest statistics from NSW Health state that 614 cases have been cleared and 15 currently under investigation. A total of 11,924 persons were assessed upon arrival at Sydney Airport, of which 55 were sent for further testing.

Of the four confirmed cases, three persons have been discharged and one remains in hospital.

According to the NSW Health guidelines for general practitioners, testing for novel coronavirus is advised for those who have a fever or acute respiratory infection AND have travelled to mainland China within 14 days of experiencing symptoms or have had close contact with a confirmed case of novel coronavirus.

For those who have not travelled in mainland China or have not had close contact with a person confirmed to have coronavirus, at present the information from NSW Health and other organisations indicates you do not need to seek testing for novel coronavirus. Residents are reminded that the risk of infection remains low. Those concerned should maintain regular hygiene practices and carry hand sanitiser for use after contact with public surfaces that can harbour bacteria and viruses.

We have heard reports of persons mistakenly relating contact with persons of Asian appearance with coronavirus. In one case a man requested testing after standing in line at a supermarket with an Asian-looking person who, he believed, looked sick. In a case in Melbourne a person presented to a hospital asking to be tested for coronavirus because he felt ill after eating at a Chinese restaurant. The man was found to have food poisoning. Listeners are reminded that these associations are prejudicial against Asian Australians and that these attitudes are unacceptable. If you hear similar stories or attitudes, we encourage members of our community to stand up for facts over fear and help spread true information about this health concern.

For updates on the novel coronavirus and the mitigation measures being implemented by NSW Health, listeners should read updates on the NSW Health website.



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